Types of wedding gowns

Marriages are considered the union between man and women which are predestined by god. On wedding day, a bride aims to look like absolute best version of her which includes selection of color, size and appropriate size. In Christian wedding, a bride prefers to choose ideal gown wedding among thousands of designs. Now, finding the dream wedding gown is simple by narrowing the silhouette, design and budget. The article will let you know different wedding gown designs launched in fashion store.


Ball gown is a traditional full skirted gown which is made up of luxurious fabric and delicate materials. It is a fairy tale with a fitted bodice. A ball gown looks great on covered with pears but not good for petite women. The skirt may be looking overwhelming on a small frame. Ball gown are commonly made up fabrics like satin, velvet and silk with trimmings of lace, pears and embroidery.



A-line dress features a shape which is fitted around the bodice and flows fluidly from bust to the hem without any broken line. It is most suited for occasion gathering and traditional church ceremony. A-line dress is ideal for all types of body. This style can support many different fabric choices depending upon the desires. A charmeuse is the best option which creates a soft feminine silhouette. On adding heavier fabric like satin or organza silks will provide brighter look.



A modified A-line style resembles traditional A-line style where the dress fits closer to the body than A-style dress. A modified A-line style is a modernized version of the traditional A-line gown. It is fitted on the bodice and hips which gradually flares to the hem on forming an A shape skirt.



This is also called as “fishtails”. A mermaid dress is a style of long sleeve evening gown that fits closely to the body through hips and torso. A mermaid dress may have strap depends upon the brides wish. Mostly a mermaid dress is strapless which includes staple of red carpet due its flittering fit and glamorous look. Often mermaid dresses are fabricated in silk, satin and taffeta which are popular for wedding events. It is well suited for tall women. The flared skirt adds an illusion of more curves.


A trumpet gown is also known as evening gown which is long flowing full length. They are usually made up of luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet and chiffon. The terms are used interchangeably; ball gown and evening gown differ in a ball gown will always have a full skirt and fitted bodice. Nowadays, evening gowns are worn at many occasions like black and white tie functions, evening weeding receptions, formal dances and charity balls.


Sheath fits very closely to the contours of the body. Sheath dress is similar to ballroom dress where it falls typically around the knees and lower thighs.



A mini style wedding dress is short skirt where the skirts hemline falls above the knee. This is ideal for any type of bodies who favors this style over traditional length gown.



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