Hey hi….everyone!!!

I would like to share some of the frozen wedding gowns which inspired me to design in such a manner.

The time has come to experience the luxury of wedding gowns which you could like it very much… I hope these designs which are from my custom made will really give an eccentric look.

I really found that shopping a gorgeous wedding gown in Chennai is not as easier but I found something for you from my boutique Diadem bridal. I suggest you to check on some floral party and wedding gowns at our boutique to enhance your bridal apparel. The following are some of my exquisite designs which are custom made designs.


Indian based exquisite Designer“The Fairlady”has grown up on the palaces fascinated about dressing Hollywood style designs, she has created Swarovski crystal embellished gowns which are reviled the secrets of their beauties.



The Royal crystal blue gown gives a Disney look texture which entices the entire horde. The pearls stud adorned on the bust portion is readily ultimate for a wedding outfit. The flawless texture is embellished with lace silhouette where the satin material is a kind of smoothness to the skin.



This dreamy bridal apparel is embellished with lace and chiffon materials has an elegant look. The sweetheart neckline and pearl beaded texture on the waist hold the bodice which gives a charming look. A Matching jewel added with other accessories gives an absolute princess aspect on your dream wedding day.



The sleeveless beauty queen is adorned with lace silhouette where the shoulder straps beaded gives pretty look. The floor length lace crystal wedding gown is enhanced with bow fillings to shape the entire style. A-line gowns are one of the best style opted for your wedding day.



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